A feel-good reality relationship show

All You Need Is Love


All You Need Is Love is emotional television, where real people tell real stories. These love stories are sourced from all corners of the country; wherever there are people who need a little help expressing their feelings to their loved ones.



Genre: Reality
Aired: 2012
Season: 5

Lost Love; Long Distance Love; Unrequited Love; Looking for Love; Fragile Love; Forgotten Love; Star Crossed Love; even love for family and friends ... you name it, All You Need Is Love will find it and try to solve it.

People submit their stories via telephone, the website, postal service or fax. The All You Is Love Team then selects suitable stories and creates treatments using various mechanisms of expression such as video messages, love serenades, acts of love, symbolic gestures... anything that will help communicate their message of love. The message recipient is then surprised by the presenters who either go out on location with the story, or invites them to the studio. It is this element of surprise that keeps stories exciting and emotional.