Mzansi's hottest street dance

Step Up or Step Out


Step Up or Step Out is the nail-biting, nerve wracking dance competition in search of the nation's ultimate dance crew.



Genre: Talent Show
Aired: 2013
Season: 3

Only one crew will out dance the rest for the chance at fame, fortune and the title of the hottest street dance group. Each week the top street dance crews in the country face challenges that test their skills, teamwork and overall performance. The judges critique and vote on who stays and proceeds to the next week's challenge, or who has to battle it out in the bottom two in a freestyle dance-off - their last chance to prove that they have what it takes to stay in the competition. The show culminates to the finale where the last two crews face the ultimate showdown – only one will step up to be the country's top dance crew, the other will step out.

During its first and second seasons Step Up or Step Out was the highest rated prime time reality series in the country. During its third season, Step Up or Step Out outperformed the channel slot for the year with a viewership of 2,873,000!