How smart do you think you are?

The Kids Are Alright


Seven super intelligent kids are found and cast. Chess champions, master spellers, maths geniuses, musical prodigies. And they're set to become our 'Gladiators' in an entertaining new primetime gameshow.



Genre: Game show
Aired: 2009
Seasons: 2

We see the casting of the children from the first show and get to enjoy their extraordinary lifestyles throughout the series. And in each episode four adult friends come on to the show hoping to defeat the kids to win a shared cash prize.

The seven kids are between the ages of nine and fifteen. So the show's got a neat, iconic end game. Our contestants have to take on the kids in order of ascending age. It's our very own 'Millionaire' ladder. It starts off relatively easily – with the nine year old – but gets tougher and tougher as you head towards the teens.

Leading up to the end game, across five compelling rounds, our contestants have an opportunity to bank some serious cash. First up it's 'I Know Something You Don't', an introductory round with a simple premise – answer a question our kids have managed to get right before the show and you add R1000 to your prize pot. It's a great way of introducing our kids – and humiliating our adults!

And up after this are four head to heads – each time one of our adults versus one of our kids. Now the money gets serious. And it's based around the age of the kid you take on. Beat the nine year old and you bank R900 – but if you manage to defeat the 15 year old you'll bank R1500.

But however our adults do in the head to heads, the money's not theirs until they beat our eight kids, in turn. So there's some great jeopardy as our adults take on the eight kids to claim their cash. It's a simple head to head question on the buzzer. If one of the kid beats an adult, the next adult must step up to take on that kid. It gets tougher and tougher as the kids get older. Will the adults beat all the kids and claim the cash? Or will the kids prove too much for them?